If you’re looking for a pest service for ants, Yankee Pest Control in Andover, MA has the responsiveness and solutions you need. Since 1990, our company has specialized in the best eradication and control solutions on the market. Whether you have an ant problem or any other pest difficulties, our team of experts knows how to get to the root of the pest issue and not merely treat the symptoms.

Proven Solutions for All Kinds of Ants

Don’t let another company fool you with vague descriptions of extermination services for ants. Andover, MA business owners and homeowners know they can count on Yankee Pest Control for science-backed methods of pest control. The types of ants we see on a regular basis in this area of the country include the destructive carpenter ants, adaptable pharaoh ants, pavement ants, and little black ants. Each presents a unique problem to physical structures.

How We Approach Ant Problems

We don’t just run into any situation with a pesticide solution. In fact, pesticides can be harmful and unnecessary in many circumstances. Instead, we evaluate every infestation prior to making any decisions about treatment. In our inspection process, you’ll know exactly what kind of problem you’re dealing with, how we can help you remedy it, and what to do to prevent future breakouts. Most of the time, an ant infestation requires a multi-pronged approach to successfully remove the threat. When it comes to Ants in Andover, MA, our team knows how to do the job right.

Tell Us About Your Ant Issue

The next time you start noticing ants coming out of your woodwork, we hope there is only one company that you think of: Yankee Pest Control. We pride ourselves on being a family oriented business, dedicated to customer service. Pest problems arise in the areas where we work and play, and it is our job to make those places safe for you. Let us help you with your next infestation of Ants. Andover, MA residents can always reach us at 781-397-9923.