Treatment for Ants in Arlington, MA

Homeowners in and around the greater Boston area may occasionally deal with insect invasions; especially ants. Arlington, MA residents can count on Yankee Pest Control to provide residential pest management programs, covering every type of pest a homeowner may experience. Yankee Pest Control keeps residents’ homes and yards protected with initial pest treatment and ongoing monitoring.

Homeowners will meet with a professional who is fully trained on the biology of all ant classes. They will first determine the specific type of ant infesting the home. Once species is determined, the colony locations and other pertinent information will be collected. Specialists will develop a treatment plan.

What is Included?

Treatment plans for ants in your Arlington home may vary. Some homeowners may need spot treatments or direct colony treatment, while others may call for a combination of methods. This may include extensive treatment inside the home, possible modifications to the structure, and perimeter treatments of the yard.

Regardless of the treatment program used, Yankee Pest Control never applies pesticides without thoroughly analyzing the situation to ensure proper application methods are followed. This is to avoid overuse or inappropriate use of pesticides, which can sometimes make the ant infestation worse. Treatment plans should always have a tailored approach to specific ant classes.

What Happens After the Extermination of Ants?

After the extermination of ants, Arlington homeowners can be assured that Yankee Pest Control’s specialists will continue to monitor the home. Any further infestation will be treated, though the ants don’t usually come back! All plans provided by Yankee Pest Control come backed by a full-year warranty. In the rare event the infestation does return, treatment will be covered.

At Yankee Pest Control, we take pride in exceeding homeowners’ needs for pest management plans. We have been providing outstanding service to the greater Boston area since 1980. Contact us today at 781-397-9923 for help if you are struggling with an infestation of ants.