Types of Ants and Potential Ant Problems

Homes are frequently infested by ants. Brookline properties are especially susceptible to pest infestations due to the general age of the homes. Yankee Pest Control offers homeowners comprehensive protection plans at affordable prices. Our professionally trained employees know how to eliminate the different classes of ants that are infesting your home.

Ants not only range in size and color, but they also prefer different habitats. The severity of damage to your home widely varies based on the species you have in your home. Fortunately, our treatment plans are formulated based on the specific characteristics of common ant infestations and the one affecting your home:

  • Small Black Ants: Tiny black ants measure up to about 1.5mm in length. They have large colonies numbering up to several thousand. These ants usually prefer to live in dark protected areas, like in debris, pavement, or foundation cracks.
  • Pharaoh Ants: Pharaoh ants are larger than black ants. They are slightly transparent with a yellow or brownish-red hue. They are unable to survive Massachusetts winters, and will be found almost exclusively in the home. They travel along telephone and electrical wiring and colonize behind baseboards, under floors, and in wall crevices.
  • Carpenter Ants: Carpenter ants tend to be the most destructive. They are also some of the largest, ranging between 3.4-13mm long. Decaying or moist wood provides a preferred habitat for these ants. Brookline homes constructed of classic architectural elements may face a particular problem with these ants “sawing” away at wooden support beams.

Choose Yankee Pest Control to Treat Ant Issues in Brookline, MA

Each classification of ant requires specific treatment based on their habitat, eating habits, destruction level, and biological characteristics. We offer extensive extermination plans to deal with these insects.

Yankee Pest Control provides unbeatable pest control programs to the greater Boston Area. This includes control plans that come with a one-year warranty. Call Yankee Pest Control at 781-397-9923 and be confident that we will eliminate your ant problems.