Do You Have Ants in Lexington, MA?

Early springtime can bring an influx of pests and ants. Yankee Pest Control provides services to homeowners and businesses around Boston, and can effectively eliminate an ant infestation.

Ants will leave a number of signs that provide information on their type and location in the home. Signs of infestation will vary but may include:

  • Hearing Ants: Although ants are small, they can still occasionally be heard inside by pressing your ear to a wall. A large colony may be heard as a dry, rustling sound, just behind the surface of a wall or countertop.
  • Frass: Frass is debris created by insects like ants. Lexington homeowners may find deposits of frass around wooden posts and beams. The ants burrow into it, leaving piles of frass outside the nest.
  • Seeing Ants: Ants are more commonly seen at sundown; this is when the worker ants emerge to forage for food. You may see ants gathering by the kitchen sink or garbage, or a trail of ants entering a crack in a wall.

First, clear the home of unnecessary garbage and debris. Food sources like dirty dishes, open containers, and garbage should be kept clean. Lexington, MA homeowners should rid their property of any debris, such as decaying wood in the yard or garage. Contact Yankee Pest Control at 781-397-9923 for an inspection. We will provide you with a pest control plan.

Expert Plan to Remove Ants in Your Home

During our initial visit to your home, our experts will determine the type of ant and the scale of infestation. Our experts have been eliminating pests for 25 years and will customize a warranty-backed plan to rid your home of ants. Contact us today to learn more at 781-397-9923.