Commercial Extermination of Ants in Lynnfield, MA

If your business is experiencing an insect infestation, consider a service that provides extermination of ants. Turn to Yankee Pest Control for expert extermination plans.

Yankee Pest Control has been providing commercial pest removal services for 25 years. We are well versed in all methods of extermination. Our trained specialists are experts in the biology and removal of pests; especially ants. Lynnfield, MA business owners can trust us to keep their break room (and all other areas) free of the little pests.

Yankee Pest Control follows principles outlined in the Integrated Pest Management model. IPM, a leader in pest control training and technology, ensures pest management services operate at the highest of ethical standards. We are a Quality Pro certified company. Our services are top-rate. We are specifically trained to treat small to large scale health and education facilities. Lynnfield businesses suspecting an infestation of ants should contact Yankee Pest Control to immediately address the problem.

Get Rid of Ants Today

If you are a Lynnfield business owner in need of pest removal services, contact us today. We back all of our customized control plans with a one-year warranty. You can be confident that you’ve safely invested your money and time. We provide ethical, professional, and certified extermination of all pests, including ants.

If you have questions or would like to schedule an initial inspection, call us at 781-397-9923. For the extermination of ants, Lynnfield home and business owners have been using our services for over thirty years to maintain pest-free work environments.