When it comes to ants, Malden, MA residents don’t have to work alone. Yankee Pest Control offers services for all ant problems. It’s likely you will face problems with ant or other pest infestations. Our company wants to become your go-to service provider whenever you encounter problems with ants and other unwanted creatures. From maintenance to comprehensive extermination, we’re ready to help you with your next ant infestation.

Important Facts About Ants

The most common types of ants we see in this area include pharaoh, carpenter, pavement, and little black ants. Did you know that carpenter ants could cause damage to the structure of your home or office, like termites? Or that pharaoh ants can carry diseases? Even relatively harmless breeds can still bite. When you see these creatures indoors, act quickly. To fix problems with ants, Yankee Pest Control includes inspection and identification for Malden homeowners and businesses. We also tailor a comprehensive action plan to suit your situation.

Call Us Today for Ant Issues

Our company relies on a combination of treatments to rid your home of ants. We use baiting, colony specific treatments, and perimeter and vegetation applications to ensure ant problems are resolved. With swift action and impeccable customer service, we’re sure you’ll only think of Yankee Pest Control after you’ve tried our services for ants. Malden, MA residents can call us at 781-397-9923 for more information.