Prevent Bed Bugs for Brookline, MA Property Owners

If you’ve been waking up with bites on your body, you may have an infestation of bed bugs. Brookline, MA residents should contact Yankee Pest Control. Bed bugs present a growing pest problem in the United States. They bite and spread disease.

Bite marks tend to be in multiples that form a straight line or pattern. Small dark brown or red smears on your sheets or mattress could be bedbug feces. This signals a problem. Some Brookline homes infested with bed bugs may have a strong, musty odor. There are a few things you can do in the meantime to treat bed bug bites and slow their reproduction:

  • Use a HEPA filtered vacuum cleaner to vacuum all areas where you see evidence of bed bugs to remove shedded skin
  • Discard or thoroughly clean and vacuum your mattresses. They will need to be covered with an encasement afterwards.
  • Used a silicone sealant to caulk any cracks in the walls, especially near where the bed bugs were found.
  • Wash all bites with antiseptic soap to prevent infection.

Never use insecticide on your own to kill bed bugs. Call Yankee Pest Control to handle these dangerous chemicals. Without professional service, untrained individuals may use the chemical incorrectly and spread the infestation.

Call Yankee Pest Control to Remove Bed Bugs

Yankee Pest Control offers customized plans based on your needs. All of our options come with a one-year warranty for a pest-free home. If you would like to set up an initial appointment, contact Yankee Pest Control today at 781-397-9923. We have an extensive arsenal of tools to rid your home of bed bugs. Brookline, MA homeowners should contact us at the first sign of bed bugs so we can eliminate the problem quickly.