Bed Bugs

The fastest growing pest problem in the country is the bed bug. Commonly associated with multi tenements and hotels, the bed bug is an outstanding hitch hiker and can end up in retail stores, library’s, hospitals and YOUR single family home. As an education melting pot Boston with one of the busiest airports in the country it is home to some of country’s most diverse communities and traveled businessmen and women make it one of the countries top 25 infested city’s.

If you or members of your family travel for work, attend school, camp, go on vacation, or even just spend a night catching a movie at a local theater your are at risk for bed bug infestation.

The bed bug does not discriminate who they go home with and does not have a preferred zip code, so they can be found in the inner city neighborhoods of Malden and cul de sacs in Dover.

climbupinsectinterceptorYankee Pest has every tool in the tool box for bed bug control.

As the states largest and longest provider of Heat Treatment, Thermal Rhemediation, and Canine Scent detection we have emerged as an Industry leader through out New England for Bed Bug Control and a trusted companion for many industry partners.

Concerned you might have bed bugs? or know you are currently dealing with the little bloodsuckers? Call Yankee Pest Control for an in home evaluation with Miss Layla or one of our highly experienced technicians to create a bed bug control and monitoring plan that doesn’t suck your budget dry.

volcan deviceVolcano Monitoring Devices A highly-effective Bed Bug monitoring device that blends into any room.  A unique, powerful tool that can be used in any room that discretely fits behind beds, in corners, in closets and in public spaces.