Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Yankee Pest Control an industry leader in Bed Bug Control.

Our team at YPC began heating for bed bugs in Massachusetts almost a decade ago with a small 4 unit trailer. Today we boast the largest inventory of the safest most reliable Heat Equipment in the state, Temp Air. Certainly have the confidence that your are dealing with Boston’s truly original Bed Bug control technicians whose experience is unparalleled.

thermal-treatment-graphHeat Treatment is a proven non-chemical, environmentally friendly method of treating bed bugs . All insects have optimum living temperatures for growth, survival and reproduction. All insects also have lethal temperature limits, at which all stages of the life cycle are eliminated. By targeting temperatures in the lethal range, the bed bug population can be eliminated. All life stages (adult, nymph, and eggs) die within minutes of reaching a temperature of 120 degrees F. During the thermal remediation process, temperatures in your home will be from 120 to 140 degrees F. These are lethal temperatures to bed bug populations but not hot enough to damage most household items.

Safe, Fast, and Reliable heat service to handle any facility.

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