Bed Bug Control Industry Partners

As the states largest and longest provider of Heat Treatment, Thermal Rhemediation, and Canine Scent detection we have emerged as an Industry leader through out New England for Bed Bug Control and a trusted companion for many industry partners.

If you would like to offer your clientèle heat services but don’t want the overhead of the equipment we can work with you. As a trusted family business we have partnered with dozens of industry friends in solving their bed bug problems with complete trust, professionalism and discretion.

Housing and training a canine everyday can not only be tedious but a large operational expense for your pest control company. Miss Layla our scent detection K-9 is available for inspections for maintenance or problem accounts. Having a dog to offer your customers is going to save you hours of your own personal time inspecting and money lost to repeat inspections.

As the bed bug problem increases locally the consumer is educating themselves on what services are available for them, keep your customers by “having” the tools you need that they are looking for.

We are committed to our industry relationships through professionalism, discretion, and trust.