Bed Bug Treatment & Monitoring Programs

If you are looking to solve a current bed bug infestation or to monitor for the blood sucking bug, we can custom design a program to fit your needs and infestation level.

All treatment recommendations start with the most important step, inspection. Evaluating your current problem and needs is paramount in determining which direction we move forward with to solve your problem.

Heat treatment is the most effective solution to any bed bug problem and our results prove that. As the largest supplier of heat treatment in the state our experienced technicians ensure your problem is solved with the most reliable equipment the industry has to offer.

volcano device

Volcano Monitoring Devices

Other options for treatment are available and we often utilize these to solve bed bug problems or simply monitor before or after a treatment recommendation.

  • Mattress encasements are an effective adjunct to controlling bed bugs with either heat or traditional chemical applications.
  • Climb up monitoring devices can be installed in a custom proactive bed bug monitoring program. They can be installed around bed posts and other furniture to keep ahead of infestations.
  • Nuvan strips, Veri Fi monitors, and Night Watch CO2 monitoring devices round out one of the largest bed bug tool boxes in the industry.
  • “Volcano Monitoring Devices” A highly-effective Bed Bug monitoring device that blends into any room. A unique, powerful tool that can be used in any room that discretely fits behind beds, in corners, in closets and in public spaces.

Monitoring for control …

can save you money and time. Our proactive programs are used in hotels, rooming houses and all apartments of the like.