Patterns of Bedbugs in South Boston, MA

Spring and summertime usually see a growing number of household pests in MA; especially bed bugs. South Boston, MA residents may notice reports of these pests escalating during the warm months. Bed bugs tend to be more prevalent in the spring and summer because of traveling. One bed bug can cause an infestation, so if you see evidence of any, consult a professional pest removal service. Yankee Pest Control can take care of bed bugs and any other pests you may see around your home.

Females lay hundreds of eggs over the course of a lifetime, which grow into nymphs. They shed their skin up to five times before maturing into an adult. Each time, the nymphs require a generous helping of blood from a human or animal source. Homeowners unknowingly become a feast for bed bugs. South Boston homeowners who wake up with itchy red bites on their bodies are likely dealing with an infestation of bed bugs. A professional pest removal service, like Yankee Pest Control, can tell you for sure.

Our technicians are specifically trained to follow Integrated Pest Management protocol. They will find all possible locations that may be housing bed bugs. After the source is found, specialists at Yankee Pest Control will develop a customized plan of extermination. This will most likely include heat treatment, the most effective way of exterminating bed bugs. South Boston homeowners should feel secure with our plans. We offer a one-year warranty on all services!

25 Years Exterminating Bed Bugs in South Boston, MA

Call us at 781-397-9923 or browse our website for more information. Our specialists are trained to know the exact feeding, living, and breeding preferences of all pests, including bed bugs. South Boston, MA home and business owners concerned about pests can contact us today for a consultation.