Damage from Ants in Medford, MA

Have you been looking for professional, affordable, and expert extermination of ants? Since 1990, Yankee Pest Control has been providing Massachusetts and the surrounding communities with the top pest control and removal services. If you find ants on your property, contact Yankee Pest Control for the best extermination services in the Boston area.

Not only are ants a nuisance, they can also cause extensive and damage to your home or business. Not all of these tiny pests are alike. Some ant species in Massachusetts and New England can be found exclusively inside of your building. During the summer months, ants can be found in dark moist areas, such as cracks in the foundation. As fall and winter bring colder weather, ants begin migrating to migrate. You are more likely to discover an infestation during this period because they are busy building their colonies inside of your home.

Signs of infestation include seeing or hearing the ants themselves. In more severe cases, piles of sawdust and debris, also known as “frass”, can be found around wooden structures in the home. This is an indication of carpenter ants that burrow and colonize inside of the wood, damaging the infrastructure of your home. Carpenter ants are commonly known as one of the causes for weakened support beams and other wood damage. Our experts frequently see more damage from carpenter ants in Medford, MA due to older homes. Those that have damp cellars and post beam construction are especially at risk. If you suspect a carpenter ant infestation, call Yankee Pest Control.

Professional Extermination of Ants in Medford, MA

Though ants are tough to keep controlled, with our warranty-backed control plans and years of industry leadership, you can be confident that your home and yard are free from the risk of re-infestation. After an initial inspection, we will tailor a control plan specific to pest species and your needs. Call us today at 781-397-9923 for more information about Yankee Pest Control. As the top-rated pest control company in your community, our experts are available to clear your property from ants.