Trusted Removal of Ants in Needham, MA

Especially during the warmer months, property owners in New England are constantly plagued with small pests that can wreak havoc to your home and business. Providing expert extermination of ants, Needham, MA residents have trusted Yankee Pest Control for over 25 years. Our services include the removal of ants, ticks, mosquitos, bed bugs, and much more.

At the first sign of an ant infestation, homeowners will likely be tempted to deal with the problem on their own. While this may be acceptable for smaller instances of an invasion, it might not fully take care of the problem. Homeowners may make mistakes that lead to re-infestation or exacerbated problems.

Ants in Needham homes and businesses need to be thoroughly controlled to avoid re-colonization. A small number of ants can rebuild a colony. Nests that weren’t properly sealed offer a ready-made habitat. Some ant infestations require all cracks in walls and slabs to be extensively treated.

Infestations of carpenter ants may require structural modifications in wood surfaces within the home. Insecticides can worsen an outbreak of Pharaoh ants; this chemical causes them to “bud, or separate into multiple colonies. The exact species and treatments needed can be tough to determine without the skills of a professional. Yankee Pest Control specialists will conduct an initial inspection to determine the species of ants before formulating a control plan.

Customized Service Plans to Rid Your Property of Ants

We are a Quality Pro certified company that follows standards outlined by Integrated Pest Management, a leader in pest control technology. We customize extermination plans based specifically for your needs. Call 781-397-9923 today to speak to one of our experts for more information, to schedule your initial consultation, and to receive a free quote. Educated in the biological makeup of pests, our experts are equipped to handle your pest problem, big or small. See why Yankee Pest Control is the leader in pest control and extermination of ants for Needham home and property owners.