Trusted Removal of Ants in Saugus, MA

How can Saugus MA homeowners treat the infestation of ants? Yankee Pest Control rids properties of even the toughest pests. We have been in service for 25 years and are fully equipped with the newest technology and training to ensure your home or business is pest-free.

When ants take up residence in our homes, they can leave a lot of damage. Aside from contaminating our food, they impact the structure of our properties. Some ants burrow into the woodwork, leaving behind piles of sawdust and weakening the frame. Other ants live in our walls and floors, coming out at night in search of food. A few species of ants can transmit disease to humans by walking on our kitchen countertops and food.

Call the Experts When it Comes to Ants

Ants can be extremely hard to get rid of. Their colonies number in the thousands, and it’s hard to determine if you’ve killed every last ant. Saugus homeowners should seek professional service from Yankee Pest Control. We will build customized plans based on ant type. We examine eating habits, colony size, and location to design a plan of action. We may employ the use of pesticides around the perimeter of the home, or apply direct colony treatments within the home.

If you suspect an ant infestation, here are some things you can do to deter them:

  • Keep all dishes clean and put away
  • Store all food in sealed plastic bags or containers
  • Keep garbage cans clean and deodorized
  • Remove any excess debris, especially wood, from the home and yard

Once Yankee Pest Control arrives, our tailored control plans, backed by a one-year warranty, can take over. Call us at 781-397-9923 or contact us online for more information. Rest assured you won’t have any more ants. Saugus, MA homeowners should contact Yankee Pest Control for the best pest control service in the metro Boston area.