Problematic Ants

For more than 25 years, Yankee Pest Control has been handling your pest problems including the extermination of ants Stoneham home and business owners trust. Our experts understand that each infestation is different and we ensure that no pest is left behind to cause future problems.

Highly social and possessing a strong work ethic, ants wreak havoc to your Stoneham property. The longer an ant infestation goes unchecked, the larger the colony will become and the more damage they will do. An ant infestation can be remedied with one call to Yankee Pest Control.

Unsure if there are ants in your home? Try these before calling Yankee:

  • Press your ear to the wall and tap on the area you believe they’re occupying. If you hear a dry, rustling sound, that might be the colony moving around behind the wall.
  • Look for signs of debris and excrement around wooden structures in your home. Some ants will dig their nests into wood, leaving sawdust outside the nest. This is called “frass”
  • Look for ants. Stoneham, MA homeowners should check at dawn and dusk when ants forage. You may see a few in your kitchen or bathroom.

Call Yankee to Eradicate Ants

Our technicians are fully trained under the Integrated Pest Management Model, a leader in pest removal technology. Additionally, we offer one-year warranties on all of our services. If the ants come back, we’ve got you covered. Call us at 781-397-9923 or contact us online at the first sign of an infestation. We have all the newest equipment most efficient in removing ants. Stoneham, MA residents can count on our Quality Pro certified service to keep homes pest-free