Yankee Pest Control vs. Ants in Winchester, MA

Property owners in New England are more susceptible to an infestation of ants. Winchester, MA has chosen Yankee Pest Control to handle their extermination needs for over 25 years. We provide our customers with comprehensive pest control plans that will eliminate ants in the home and keep them out.

Now is the best time for preventative maintenance. Several species of ant common to the Massachusetts area will begin their breeding processes in the spring. Some common types of ants in Winchester, MA include:

  • Carpenter ants are the most common reason for homeowners to need extermination services. They are very large, the males have wings (also known as swarmers), and they borrow deep into your woodwork, causing damage.
  • Tiny Black Ants are just that: tiny. They may not seem like a nuisance at first, but large colonies can number in the thousands. They will infest your house at night looking for food.
  • Pharaoh Ants can pose a particular problem. They live deep within your walls and under floors. They can transmit disease to humans by walking on kitchen counter tops and over food.

A sighting of swarmers usually means an ant nest is nearby. These critters fly to find a mate who will look for a nest and begin colonizing. This means a nest is already built and awaiting a queen. If you see swarming ants in your Winchester residence, call Yankee Pest Control.

Premier Plans for Ants in Your Home

Yankee Pest control guarantees pest control plans with a one-year warranty. You will not have to deal with future re-infestations. During our initial visit, we develop a customized plan based on the ant species in your property. If you have questions or would like to schedule an initial inspection, call us at 781-397-9923 or contact us online today. Winchester MA homeowners who suspect that they have an infestation of ants should promptly contact us today.