Stop Ant Infestations in Woburn, MA

As the weather warms up, you may see an influx of pests, especially ants. Taking preventative measures can stave off a full-on infestation this summer and that’s where we can help. Yankee Pest Control can design and implement a plan of attack for you.

During our first appointment, we will assess the home to determine the ant species most likely to cause a problem. Popular nesting areas are usually in dark, moist areas. Outside, ants will often build nests along the perimeter of the foundation, setting up colonies inside the cracks and surrounding pavement. Decaying outbuildings can often be an ant paradise. Any building of this nature will need to be treated. Call Yankee Pest Control today if you suspect your home may be at risk for ants.

Yankee Pest Control Offers Effective Treatments for Ants in Woburn

We employ an array of techniques to deal with these pests. Our service technicians are trained under the Integrated Pest Management Model, which means they know all the newest technologies to handle ants and other pests. We offer baiting, perimeter treatment, direct colony treatment, dust and aerosol treatments, and pesticides to remove the ants. Woburn homeowners can have confidence in our fine-tuned skills. We have a full understanding of the way these insects work. We customize our plans to find the most effective method of removing them.

Yankee Pest control has been removing pests from the greater Boston area for 25 years. Business owners and homeowners trust us because our services work. Woburn, MA residents can always reach us at 781-397-9923 or contact us online. We offer quick and professional removal of all pests; especially ants. If you think you may have a problem with ants or pests, call and set up an appointment with us today.