Nuisance Bed Bugs in Allston, MA

When it comes to hiring a reputable and professional company to get rid of bed bugs, Allston MA property owners call Yankee Pest Control. Yankee Pest Control has been serving the greater Boston area for 25 years. We can get rid of bed bugs if you suspect a problem.

What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs feed on the blood of people and animals and can transmit diseases. They are a fast growing problem and a terrible nuisance. Bites can range in size and severity. Bed bugs don’t just hide in beds. They can also be found in carpeting, behind wallpaper, and in the folds of curtains and drapes. If you live in an apartment building, you are at higher risk. Bed bugs in buildings can easily migrate between apartments.

Because bed bugs infest the home extensively, Yankee Pest Control will deal with them expansively. You won’t have to be concerned when you go to bed at night. At your first appointment, we will develop a customized plan. Usually, heat treatment is the most effective way to deal with bed bugs in homes. We have a variety of other options, as well. We offer monitoring devices so you can be confident that if the problem returns, we’ll be the first to know.

Rest Easy After Yankee Removes Bed Bugs

Yankee Pest Control can provide you with the thorough, effective service you deserve. We will take all necessary measures to ensure you don’t have to suffer through any more bed bug bites. Our bed bug treatment plans use the newest technologies outlined by the Integrated Pest Control Model. We offer a one-year warranty with all of our plans. In the rare event the bed bugs return, we have you covered. To get rid of bed bugs, Yankee Pest Control provides bed bug eradication services for the Allston, MA area and can be reached at 781-397-9923.