Pesky Bed Bugs in Dorchester, MA

Apartment buildings and single family homes in the Boston area are always at risk for an infestation of bed bugs. Dorchester, MA residents suffering from a bed bug problem should seek the professional services of Yankee Pest Removal. Bed bugs are not only a nuisance; they can spread disease and drive homeowners crazy.

We bring our NESDCA certified scent detection K-9, Miss Layla. Her finely tuned nose will sniff out any sign of infestation. We have the largest inventory of reliable heat treatment equipment for bed bugs. We efficiently eliminate all life stages of bed bugs in local residences. These machines quickly reach temperatures that are lethal to bed bug adults, nymphs, and eggs, but will not damage household items.

Preserve your sanity from trying to deal with bed bugs on your own. Professional services can save you from having to throw out expensive mattresses and heaps of clothes. After extermination, we can install a monitoring system. If bed bugs come back, you can deal with them quickly. These systems work by either capturing the pests as they climb over the device or by baiting them to fall into the device with CO2 or other chemicals. Dorchester homeowners suffering from reoccurring bed bugs can use these devices to alert them to new bed bugs entering the home.

Bed Bugs in Dorchester, MA? Not Anymore!

Yankee Pest control has been in operation since 1990. We are a top rated pest removal service in the Boston area. We offer warranty-backed, customized plans. Our specialists are trained under the Integrated Pest Management guidelines, and we employ the latest technologies in pest removal. Additionally, we are a Quality Pro certified company. Homeowners looking for relief receive top-quality service for bed bugs. Dorchester, MA locals can schedule an appointment or pose any questions by calling 781-397-9923 or filling out our quick online form.