Prevent Bedbugs in Lynn, MA

Is there a way to prevent an infestation of bed bugs? Lynn, MA homeowners can follow some basic guidelines to prevent bed bugs from occurring and to treat a few that may be in the home. However, if you’re suffering from bites or have seen brownish red spots on your bedding, you may already have an infestation of bed bugs. Call Yankee Pest Control today to have bed bugs professionally removed from your home.

One of the most common ways bed bugs enter the home is through used furniture or clothing. They can also be brought back in luggage and unwashed clothes when traveling. An entire home can be infested by bringing just one bed bug to your home.

Treat Bed Bugs Before the Problem Gets Worse

If you think you may already have bed bugs, remove all bedding and check for streaks, skin sheds, and eggs. Clean laundry in the hottest water setting, and dry on the highest dryer setting. Remove bed bug eggs with a stiff brush before vacuuming the mattress. After vacuuming, use a mattress encasement bag to prevent re-entry of the bed bugs. Lynn, MA residents can call Yankee Pest Control for help with this service. If bed bugs are there, we will formulate and implement a customized control plan.

Yankee Pest Control has been serving the greater Boston area for 25 years. We offer certified, warranty-backed control plans and operate under the highest standards of quality. Call us at 781-397-9923 or check out our website for more information. Our employees are equipped to deal with pest removal. They are fully trained in the biology of all pests, including bed bugs. Lynn homeowners can contact us today to set up an initial appointment.