Trained K-9 Spots Bedbugs in Medford, MA

It is a common misconception that only unclean homes can be infested with bed bugs. Medford properties of all shapes, sizes, and degrees of cleanliness can become infested. These pests can enter the house in a multitude of ways. Used furniture, clothing, and luggage can harbor bed bugs, and just one can cause an infestation. If you are concerned you have a bed bug problem, contact Yankee Pest Control today for certified pest removal.

Bed bugs can get into furniture, bedding, drapery, and even bedside nightstands. Red, itchy bite marks are a hallmark of bed bugs. Medford MA residents suffering from these bites can almost be sure there is a bed bug infestation. Professional pest services, like Yankee Pest Control, use a variety of time-tested techniques to ensure every last bed bug is eliminated from the home.

During our first visit, we will be accompanied by our certified scent detection K-9, Miss Layla. Her nose is trained to find any and all evidence of bed bugs. Because of the frequency of guests passing through, apartment buildings and hotel facilities run a particular risk of becoming infested with bed bugs. Medford business owners should inquire about our proactive monitoring services. In addition to extermination methods, we offer mattress encasements and monitoring devices that trap and kill bed bugs before they become a problem.

Our Services Guarantee Bed Bugs Won’t Return

If you think you might have a bed bug problem, call us today. We offer one-year warranties with all of our hand-tailored control plans. Our services are both Quality Pro and Integrated Pest Management certified, meaning our techniques are top-notch. Yankee Pest Control has 25 years of experience exterminating bed bugs. To get rid of bed bugs, Yankee Pest Control provides pest control services for the Medford, MA area and can be reached at 781-397-9923.