Get Rid of Mosquitoes in Concord, MA

Suburban and rural homes in Massachusetts have an ongoing relationship with the mosquito. Concord, MA homeowners who would like to end this relationship once and for all should invest in preventative maintenance plans for their property. Imagine if the arrival of summer didn’t always have to mean the arrival of mosquitoes. Yankee Pest Control can make that dream a reality for you. We’ve been protecting homeowners’ property from mosquitoes since 1990.

Mosquitoes love family gatherings and barbecues just as much as humans do; after all, they get a free meal out of it! In rural and suburban areas of New England, mosquitoes can create a terrible nuisance and ruin a night outside. Yankee Pest Control provides ongoing management plans to protect your yard from mosquitoes in Concord and other suburban neighborhoods.

In addition to barrier treatments, we offer help with eliminating property conditions enticing to mosquitoes:

  • Remove or treat stagnant water around your home. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in these areas in the spring and summer. We can direct you to proper chemicals to treat this water for larvae.
  • In addition to standing water, any plant overgrowth and debris should be removed from your property. These conditions offer mosquitoes a safe, humid hiding place. Male mosquitoes love to rest in dense vegetation during the daytime.

If you are a Concord homeowner dealing with mosquitoes, give Yankee Pest Control a call today to schedule a visit.

Protection from Mosquitoes

Contact us at 781-397-9923 or visit our website for more information. During an initial visit, Yankee Pest Control specialists will examine your home and yard for any signs of pests, including mosquitoes. We will then customize a comprehensive protection plan for your property, complete with a one-year warranty to ensure all pests in and around your home are eliminated.

We use a variety of methods, tailored to pest type, to efficiently remove them from your property. This includes an initial barrier treatment and ongoing applications to deter the mosquito. Concord residents who are sick of being bitten by those little pests should call us today to set up an appointment.