Once you’ve decided that you have swatted your last mosquito, North Andover residents will recommend you call in the experts at Yankee Pest Control. Mosquitos can get in the way of sitting outside for an evening of relaxation or prevent you from hosting an outdoor barbecue. Citronella candles and other products will only go so far in removing the threat. Our company has been around since 1990, handling mosquito problems in the area, so we know which methods work well and which don’t.

Say Goodbye to the Mosquito in North Andover, MA

When the summer season rolls around, don’t take a chance with bug sprays and shorts. Mosquitos still somehow manage to find those places you’ve missed. Even if they work, bug sprays usually carry an unpleasant smell and taste terrible if you accidentally wipe your mouth with a bug-sprayed hand. With our treatment services, you, your family, and visitors will enjoy a mosquito free atmosphere for up to 3-4 weeks at a time.

A Comprehensive Approach to Mosquito Problems in North Andover

Our trained team of pest control professionals use a comprehensive approach when we battle mosquitos outside. From making suggestions about ways to minimize the attractiveness of your home to proactively warding off the bugs with plants, we look at both the short- and long-term effects of the treatment program.

We first evaluate the area and determine where the mosquitos are coming from, and then we can implement an application program that makes sense for you. As soon as an application has dried, you are free to enjoy your backyard without the nuisance of carrying around a fly swatter or covering up when you go outside. For mosquito problems, North Andover residents know they can count on us.

Know Who to Call the Next Time You Sense a Mosquito Issue

We want to help you get back out in your yard this summer. Take back your property from the mosquito, North Andover, MA! Call us at 781-397-9923.