When looking for pest control, Allston, MA homeowners can find all the answers they need through the proven services of Yankee Pest Control. Since 1990, our family owned business has been honing our ability to weed out even the most difficult pests. We pride ourselves on being customer service oriented, providing customized solutions tailored to your needs, preferences, and budget. We’re ready to help you with any pest control problem

When to Call for Pest Control Service

Most people find themselves relying on the services of a pest control company at least once. Whether you’ve just moved into a neighborhood and need an inspection focused on eliminating existing pests or you’ve noticed a line of ants marching, it’s always a good idea to let a professional take a look. Some ants, mosquitos, ticks, and mice carry diseases harmful to your family. When spiders hatch, they number in the hundreds. And, when a stubborn skunk decides to make his home under your porch, you don’t want to deal with that alone. For pest control in Allston, MA, we’re qualified to handle all of the above and more.

Services for Pest Control in Allston

At times, you may only need the targeted services of pest control in Allston. Maybe you have a new infestation or you’re planning a party and need your yard sprayed for bugs. Many of our customers also opt for our preventative maintenance programs. We have two popular programs to ensure your home is protected against pests throughout the year. From inspections to targeted and generalized treatments, we help you find answers that make sense.

Reach Out for Pest Control Now

We’d be happy to tell you more about our company and work ethic. We believe honesty with our customers comes first. If you have questions, want to learn more, or are ready to schedule your first inspection, we’re so glad you’ve found our company. Take your infestation approach to the next level with our pest control. Allston homeowners can reach us at 781-397-9923.