Yankee Pest Control is one of the best choices in pest management in the Chelsea MA area. Our decades of experience, dedication to training, and strong work ethic sets us apart from the crowd. Whether facing a minor ant infestation or termites wreaking havoc on your building structure, we’re available to help.

Comprehensive Pest Control Services

We mean it when we say we’ve got one of the most comprehensive programs in the industry. When we head out to a site for inspection and routine maintenance, we stick to our standards for finding and eliminating pests at their sources. Our service begins with an inspection to locate the specific area of an infestation.

Every pest requires a different approach, and we understand species differences. We can develop the best techniques to solve a problem. After we have a full understanding of an infestation, we create a personalized action plan that is based on the problem, your needs, and your budget. Our pest control service in the Chelsea area is completely customizable to help you with reactive and proactive solutions.

Tips for Pest Control

When it comes to pest control,  you can adopt a few practices to discourage pests from entering the home:

  • Clean up food. Keep garbage bins shut, wipe down counters, and empty sinks regularly.
  • Address moisture problems. Moisture attracts mosquitos and other insects.
  • Throw clothes in the dryer for 15 minutes after traveling to kill off any bedbugs.

Yankee Pest Control Results

Your satisfaction matters to us. Our web page contains testimonials for service in the area. We’re proud of the reputation we have for reliable, efficient, and affordable service. We feel confident that it will only take one service call for us to become your go-to pest management service. For information on pest control, Chelsea MA homeowners can reach us by calling us at 781-397-9923.