For pest control, Lincoln, MA home and business owners are encouraged to check out the services of Yankee Pest Control. If you’ve just moved to the area or you’ve been here for years, we’ve got the experience needed to take care of even the toughest pest problems you may encounter. We’ve been in the business since 1990. As a professionally licensed and certified company, we are confident we’ll become your go-to pest management service after the first visit.

Bees and Pest Control

When warm weather hits, the yellow jackets, wasps, hornets, and other flying creatures crawl out of hiding. Not only are these organisms annoying to have around, their stings can be incredibly painful. For small children and those who are allergic, the effects of keeping these pests around can be devastating. For bee pest control in Lincoln, MA, you can count on our team to safely remove these insects so they can no longer harm anyone. These insects serve an important role in nature, but they are also vicious enemies when they make their homes too close to humans.

How We Work – Our Pest Control Services

Yankee Pest Control in Lincoln, MA is focused on a comprehensive program. We understand that you never want to see an insect or rodent in your home, so we look at the situation from all angles. Even if we’ve done a removal or treatment program a hundred times, we know every situation is different. That’s why we use our industry knowledge to formulate a personalized plan that fits in with your building structure and your family’s or business’ needs and preferences.

Recommended for Pest Control in Lincoln, MA

Your search for a trustworthy pest control company is over. We have the experience, certification, and references necessary to become the only pest management company you will ever need. From mice to ants and bed bugs, we’ve got you covered with reactive and proactive solutions that fit your lifestyle and budget. For more information about pest cotrol, Lincoln, MA residents can talk to us at 781-397-9923.