Reliable Pest Control in Natick, MA

When it comes to pest control Natick MA area residents can rely on Yankee Pest Control for long-term pest management solutions that work, and for prompt, professional extermination services. For nearly 25 years, Yankee Pest has been a go-to resource for residential, commercial and industrial properties. Since our inception in 1990, we have responded to pest-related issues, large and small, throughout greater Natick, MA and beyond, and we continue to receive top-notch training to ensure our clients only the best service in the industry.

Do you have an ant problem that just won’t quit? We can help! Ants are attracted to everything from damp, rotting wood, to sugar, cheese, peanut butter and other dead insects. They often invade your home through tiny cracks in windows and doors, and grow quickly in number. If you think you have an ant problem, you may be in need of professional pest control services. Contact our experts today at 781-397-9923 for a free estimate or to speak to somebody about your options.

In addition to eradicating ant infestations, our experts are also skilled at exterminating and controlling the following pests and animals:

  • Bed bugs
  • Bees & wasps
  • Centipedes & millipedes
  • Cockroaches
  • Mosquitoes
  • Rodents
  • Spiders
  • Termites
  • Ticks
  • Wildlife, such as raccoons, skunks and squirrels

Expert Pest Control with Yankee

For expert, long-lasting pest control Natick MA area residents can rely on Yankee Pest Control.