Proven Pest Control for Restaurants in Malden, MA

Health codes require food service facilities have a plan intact to manage their pest control. Restaurants in Malden, MA that need to implement a plan can contact Yankee Pest Control. We can create customized strategies for each of our clients, tailored to the pest, business, and individual requests. We have been serving restaurants and other businesses in the surrounding Boston area for 25 years. Give us a call today to set up an appointment.

At our first appointment, specialists conduct an initial inspection of your establishment. They are trained under the Integrated Pest Management Model to recognize hotspots for pests. Our specialists also know the biological makeup of all pest species. They know how they eat, sleep, and breed. This allows our specialists to find even the most elusive of critters.

After this first visit, we will create a plan that works specifically for you. Food service facilities require a bit of special treatment. We follow specific guidelines in the methods we employ for pest control. Restaurants in Malden, MA can be confident that our extermination procedures are completely food safe. We only use chemicals when it is absolutely necessary.

What Can I Do To Get a Jump Start on Pest Control?

Sometimes, even the cleanest kitchens can get infested with pests. To ensure your pest control plan continues to fight for you, there are a few preventative measures you and your staff can take every day:

  • Keep food products sealed and stored: Make sure all dry storage is sealed off in bags or bins. Keep all food products at least six inches from the ground.
  • Sanitize trash bins: Keep all trash bins lined and covered at all times. Thoroughly clean out trash barrels once a week.
  • Keep dumpsters away: Don’t let anyone else use your dumpsters, and keep dumpsters as far away from the building as possible.
  • Clean out drains: A lot of bugs can get in from those drains. Remove drain covers and clean inside.
    These are good habits to establish. They will work in tandem with your plan from Yankee Pest

Control. Restaurants in Malden, MA should require all staff follow these preventative measures.

Professional Pest Control for Restaurants

Yankee Pest Control is a Quality Pro certified company. We provide the best pest management service in the greater Boston area. Contact Yankee Pest Control at 781-397-9923 or browse our website for more information. Our team of professionals are fully-trained and use the latest and greatest technologies in pest control. Restaurants in Malden, MA should call us today and ask about our one-year warranty offered with all plans!