Premier Pest Control for Restaurants in Medford, MA

Eatery owners who spot the all too familiar signs of an infestation need to immediately have a plan for pest control. Restaurants in Medford, MA can rely on Yankee Pest Controls’ customized plans for businesses of all sizes. We offer ongoing monitoring and one-year warranties with all of our pest management plans.

Restaurant pests are no joke. They can transmit disease and shut down establishments. Food service enterprises should have an immediate corrective action plan, as well as an ongoing management plan for preventative measures.

At Yankee Pest Control, we create custom plans based on your business. In addition to supplying you with effective pest removal, we also train your management team to constantly be on the lookout for further signs of pests. We will continue to monitor your establishment for signs of pest reentry. Additionally, we provide one-year warranty plans to back up your original plan from Yankee Pest Control. Restaurants in Medford, MA should call us today to speak with a representative.

We Fight Any Kind of Infestation With Our Pest Control Plans

We cover any and all types of pests, and we specialize in those that are common to the food service industry. Our specialists adhere to the Integrated Pest Management guidelines in restaurant pest removal. Our methods are food safe. You will not risk food contamination when you enact a plan for pest control. Restaurants in Medford, MA do not have to compromise their food inventory when using Yankee Pest Control Services.

Call Yankee Pest Control for Restaurants

We have been exterminating pests from restaurants big and small throughout the metro Boston area for 25 years. Yankee Pest Control leaves no stone unturned when it comes to eliminating pests inside and out. We offer Quality Pro certified, top rate service in pest control. Restaurants in Medford, MA can contact Yankee Pest Control at 781-397-9923 or online.