If you are having trouble finding pest control, Salem, MA residents know you can find the comprehensive services you need through Yankee Pest Control. Our company is family owned and has been serving the area with superior solutions and customer service since 1990. Whatever pest problem you’ve encountered, we have a long lasting and effective solution. Bedbugs, termites, rodents, and mosquitos don’t stand a chance when we arrive on the scene.

Homeowner Practices for Pest Control in Salem, MA

Sometimes pest infestations are unavoidable. There are, however, steps you can take to discourage insects and wild animals from finding your home or office attractive. For prevention and pest control, always keep crumbs and leftover food kept off of open surfaces and put a lid on your garbage can. Pet food is also an attractive source of food for many insects, so avoid free feeding. Deal with any existing moisture in and around the home quickly, and consider putting your clothes in the dryer for 15 minutes whenever you come home from a trip to kill potential bedbugs.

Pest Control Solutions

When our team of highly trained professionals heads out to a Salem home to assess a problem with pest control, we always consider the full picture. From your location to structural vulnerabilities and landscaping, everything plays a part in why you’re experiencing an infestation. In addition to offering infestation crisis solutions, we also offer maintenance programs popular throughout the year. They come with yearlong warranties and cover all of the common household pests.

Information on Pest Control

For more information check out our website, or reach out to us personally. We always look forward to hearing from new and return customers about how a solution is holding up over time. Don’t trust your pest management to anyone else. Yankee Pest Control has the experience you need in a pest control company. For information about solutions for pest control, Salem, MA residents can reach us at 781-397-9923.