Eliminating Rats, Rodents & Mice in Brighton MA

With densely populated neighborhoods and historic buildings and homes, it’s no surprise when businesses and homeowners call a pest control company with complaints of rats, rodents & mice. Brighton, MA is no exception to the possibility of rats, rodents & mice. With so many people living close to each other in old neighborhoods, these rats, rodents & mice are able to maintain their numbers by making their homes in ours. Rats, rodents & mice require very little food, so keeping a clean house is a good way to prevent infestations, but it’s no guarantee they won’t take up a small space in your Brighton home or business.

Eliminating rats, rodents & mice is imperative to maintaining your family’s health. Rats, rodents & mice carry diseases that can include tape worm, round worm and the hanta virus. On top of this, chronic exposure to the hair of rats, rodents & mice can lead to asthma in children.

Not sure if you have rats, rodents & mice in your home? Here are some common signs on an infestation:

  • Scratching noises at night when rats, rodents & mice are most active
  • Nest in lofts, suspended ceilings and behind appliances
  • Tracks/footprints in dusty environments
  • Strong ammonia-like smell
  • Droppings along walls or in spaces such as cupboards

Get Rid of Rats, Rodents & Mice in Brighton with Yankee Pest Control

At Yankee Pest Control, our service team is professionally trained to identify and eliminate any rats, rodents & mice in Brighton homes and businesses. We can design and customize a rat, rodent & mice baiting program that meets the budget of just about any Brighton homeowner. From there, we offer exclusion plans to keep unwanted pests from coming back. Call us today at 781-397-9923 to eliminate rats, rodents & mice. Brighton, MA home and business owners can trust our experts to get the job done right the first time around.