Protection Against Termites in Lynnfield, MA

For the best protection against termites Lynnfield MA area residents call on Yankee Pest Control. That’s because since 1990, our experts have continued to provide for the area’s extermination and pest management needs. For more than 25 years, our highly trained professionals have been watchdogs over your homes and businesses throughout greater Lynnfield, MA, keeping an eye on unwanted house guests. We have helped eradicate infestations, keep future infestations at bay, and when it comes to termites, save homeowners thousands in potential structural damage repair costs.

Save Your Home and Business from Termites

The types of termites living in and around Lynnfield may access your home through wood that is in contact with the soil. Consider storing any firewood away from your home and keep the areas around your home free from any wood scraps. Just one colony of termites can eat away more than a cubic foot of wood in one year, before you’re even aware they have taken a bite. For the best results, it is highly recommended to call on a reputable pest control company for routine inspections. Believe us, this can save you thousands of dollars!

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