Rid Your Property of Termites in Reading, MA

Since 1990, Yankee Pest Control has provided the region with a solution for termites Reading MA area residents have come to rely on. Our expert exterminators are highly trained in ridding your property of any and all unwanted guests. That’s why home and business owners in and around Reading, MA continue to count on us for all their extermination and pest control needs.

Look for Signs of Termites

Termites are likely the most dangerous pests when it comes to damage costs. They cost American homeowners an estimated $6 billion each year in damage to crops and structure. And they often go undetected for years, all the while burrowing into your property?s structure right under your nose. Just one colony of termites can eat through more than a cubic foot of wood every year. Learn to spot the signs. Search your home or business for termite waste, which looks similar to sawdust shavings, and for muddy tubes, which termites build to get them from their home to their food source.

Call Yankee for Termite Protection

For the best protection against termites Reading MA area residents can call us today at 781-397-9923 to schedule routine checks to your home.