Best Control of Termites in Wellesley, MA

When it comes to termites, Wellesley MA area residents can rely on Yankee Pest Control for the best termite protection and professional pest control services when you need them. Since 1990, Yankee Pest has provided homes and businesses throughout greater Wellesley, MA with extermination services and pest management solutions customized to fit your pest problems. No problem is too big or too small for our exterminators. For a free quote, contact Yankee Pest Control today at 781-397-9923.

Expensive Damage from Termites

Termites can be extremely dangerous to your home’s structure. They cost U.S. homeowners an estimated $6 billion in damages every year. Termites are not only invasive, they are evasive. Many homeowners will have no idea they have termites until the damage is done. For the best protection against termites, and to save you and your family from spending thousands on potential structural damage repair costs, have a reputable pest control company provide regular inspections of your home. That’s where we come in! You can also learn to spot the signs yourself: search your Wellesley home or business for sawdust-like shavings, and for muddy tubes, which termites build to get from their home to their food source.

Prevent Termites from Entering Your Home

The types of termites living in your community will access your home through wood that is in contact with soil. To prevent any such contact, consider storing firewood away from your home’s exterior, and keeping the yard around your home free from wood scraps. But for the best protection against termites, Wellesley MA area residents know to call Yankee Pest Control.