Stop Termite Infestations

If you see signs of wood damage and flying insects or piles of discarded wings, you may have termites. Woburn MA homeowners who see any of these should contact Yankee Pest Control as soon as possible. Prevent damage to the structural integrity of your home. We back all of our customized termite removal plans with a one-year warranty. You can be confident you won’t be dealing with them again.

Termites cause an average of $6 billion of damage to U.S. homes per year. They enter properties through cracks in the foundation and feed off organic matter in wood. If you would like to check your home for termites, look for the following signs of a problem:

  • Piles of detritus that looks like fish scales are shed wings from reproductive, swarming termites.
  • Wormlike mud tunnels on walls or foundations that subterranean termites build to enter the home.
  • Pellets with no obvious source (or “frass”), excrement, and discarded debris.
  • Damage to the home: This includes sagging floors, buckling wood, or swollen ceilings. Woburn homeowners who see these signs of damage need to contact a pest control service immediately.

At our initial appointment, we will look inside and outside the home to find the entry points of the pest and the sections of the home they’re colonizing. Afterwards, our specialists will develop a customized plan to rid your home of the pests. Termites are usually treated with a soil injection, but may also be treated with baiting or repellant. We can also treat your yard for pest threats other than termites. Woburn homeowners can contact us today to hear about our full coverage home and yard protection plans.

Protect Your Home from Termites

Contact us at 781-397-9923 to request a consultation or more information. Yankee Pest Control has been defending homes in Woburn MA and other areas surrounding Boston for 25 years. All of our specialists are extensively trained to seek out any and all pests that may be a threat to your home. We know where these pests hide, and we know how to eradicate them: especially elusive termites. Woburn homeowners should call us today if they’re seeing any evidence of termites.