There is nothing quite like enjoying a nice time out in the yard with your family, only for it to be ruined by ticks. Andover, MA residents are particularly susceptible to ticks, since they are abundant in the area. The good news is that even though ticks can run rampant in your yard, Yankee Pest Control has a plan and a program to completely get rid of them. That means as soon as you call in the professional exterminators to help you get rid of ticks, you can start enjoying your yard again without the worry of ticks. If you are worried about the cost of pest control, don’t. We have different management programs that will work within your budget. The first step in getting rid of your ticks is to give us a call and schedule your free evaluation. We will send an exterminator to walk around your yard and determine the problem and what it will take to either get rid of ticks, or prevent ticks from entering. We will also set up a program to make sure that your property stays tick free. For more information, please feel free to contact us today. We look forward to answering any questions you may have about our services, or about tick infestations.

How To Get Rid Of Ticks

At Yankee Pest Control, we have been in the business of getting rid of ticks in Andover and other surrounding areas for over 25 years. Over these past 25 years, we have come to learn exactly how dangerous different pests can be and how to get rid of these pests. Ticks, for example, carry diseases such as Lyme disease and more, which can be extremely debilitating, and even deadly. To avoid these potential risks, we suggest a tick prevention pest control service. If you have actually come across a tick, we recommend you give us a call as soon as possible and we will help you get rid of ticks in a hurry.

Call Us Now to Help Solve Your Tick Problems

Before you hire us to get rid of your ticks, remember you can always call us for a free evaluation at 781-397-9923. If you have seen ticks in your yard, however, we recommend skipping the evaluation and having an exterminator come out to your property and yard as soon as you see a tick. Call us now to get rid of ticks!