Pests can be pretty annoying, and for Ticks, Dover residents trust Yankee Pest Control to help. With over 20 years of experience specializing in pest control, we’ve seen our fair share of dangerous ticks. You’ve probably heard that ticks spread diseases from one animal to another, and sometimes pass along dangerous diseases to humans by burrowing underneath the skin. We’re obviously not medical professionals, and won’t be able diagnose a tick bite. However, if you’re in Dover, MA, and have seen a tick on your property, you can trust Yankee Pest Control to protect your home, property, and family from dangerous ticks. You’ve probably heard of Lyme disease and here at Yankee Pest Control, we know that seeing a tick on your home or property can signal potential danger to any elderly or young children who are in the vicinity. We are local. To protect against ticks, Dover citizens trust that Yankee Pest Control will do everything we can to protect you and your family.

Prevent Infestation of Ticks

Maybe you’ve tried to eliminate ticks on your own? Perhaps you have already been bitten by a tick on your property and have suffered from pain and medical bills of a tick bite? Often, prevention is the best medicine for something as annoying as seeing ticks in your yard. Calling Yankee Pest Control today can help prevent infestation of ticks in Dover, MA. Being able to positively identify a tick is the first step to recognizing a possible infestation. Bites can be identified by recognizing a small, red circle on your skin. Trying to remove ticks on your own can be very dangerous as the burrowing tick head is often left in your body, potentially causing Lyme disease. The Center for Disease Control recently stated that Lyme disease diagnoses are on the rise in America, affecting an estimated 300,000 or more Americans on an annual basis. Lyme disease should always be diagnosed by a medical professional. If you see a tick on your property, prevent infestation of ticks in Dover, MA by calling Yankee Pest Control.

Call Yankee Pest Control For Elimination Of Ticks, Dover Residents Can Trust

It’s never too late to eliminate pesky ticks from your area. Before you risk a bite, call Yankee Pest Control for elimination of ticks, Dover residents can trust. Our phone number is 781-397-9923.