Don’t Let Your Yard Be a Haven for Ticks

This summer, protect your home and yard from nature’s most hated bloodsucker – ticks. Homeowners can count on Yankee Pest Control to provide them with protection plans for their backyard. We have been eliminating ticks from backyards in the North Reading area since 1990. You can depend on our years of experience.

Residents of suburban and rural areas have to deal with ticks in their yards all the time. In addition to using a professional pest removal service, there are a few things you can do to fight ticks:

  • Keep your grass short. Ticks wait on tall grasses to latch on to passerby.Remove debris. Dead leaves and brush compost create a great living area for ticks.
  • Remove debris. Dead leaves and brush compost create a great living area for ticks.
  • Cut back excess vegetation. Overgrowth creates a lot of damp, shady spots that ticks love. Cut back some of these plants, and let the light shine in.
  • Mulch a barrier. Wherever your yard meets the woods, creating a three-foot mulch or gravel barrier will discourage ticks from crossing into your yard.
  • Remove wood piles. Wood piles, debris, and bird feeders on the ground can attract mice and other rodents who may carry ticks into your yard.

Once Yankee Pest Control arrives, we will assess your yard for any tick hotspots. North Reading homeowners can call us at any time to set up an initial appointment for barrier treatment. The barrier treatment works by eliminating existing ticks and mosquitoes in the yard and deterring further entry. We offer additional treatments that can be applied every 6-8 weeks as preventative maintenance.

Keep Ticks Out of Your North Reading Backyard

All of our specialists are trained within the Integrated Pest Management guidelines, which determines how we treat pests. We’re trained on the biology of all types of pests. We know where they like to hide. Our treatment procedures use the newest technology available in the pest removal industry. All of our protection plans come with a one-year warranty. When you call Yankee Pest Control at 781-397-9923, you can be sure your property will be free of all pests, including ticks in the North Reading MA area.