Stop the Mosquito in Middleton, MA

A summer night outdoors might result in a raised, itchy bump that can only mean one thing: a bite from a mosquito. Middleton, MA residents have to put up with these pests all summer long. Or do they? One call to Yankee Pest Control can get you on your way to having a pest free backyard in which to enjoy long summer nights. We have been providing Boston and its surrounding communities with ways to eliminate household pests since 1990. We know mosquito prevention like the backs of our hands.

Spring and summer means breeding time for mosquitoes. If you live in a rural or suburban area, they can be an extreme nuisance to you. Standing water and overgrown vegetation on your property only add to the problem. Dense vegetation is a great hiding place, and that old birdbath filled with rainwater is a lovely home for a breeding mosquito. Middleton homeowners should take care to eliminate all mosquito-enticing habitats on their property. Additionally, Yankee Pest Control can provide ongoing barrier applications to make sure mosquitoes can’t “see” you in your yard.

Yard Barriers Make Humans Unnoticeable To Mosquitos

Prior to applying a barrier to your yard, Yankee Pest Control specialists will check for mosquito breeding grounds and other pests. We will develop a customized plan to eliminate all pests that may be in and around your home. Mosquito treatment involves an initial application of a barrier chemical, followed by additional applications every 3-4 weeks. The yard barrier application works by covering up the smell of carbon dioxide that humans emit.

This carbon dioxide odor can be detected by mosquitoes up to 50 yards away. Once this barrier chemical had dried, you can safely enjoy the comfort of your backyard without the threat of mosquitoes. Middleton, MA homeowners fed up with pests should contact Yankee Pest Control today to schedule an initial appointment.

Trust Yankee Pest Control To Treat Mosquitoes

At Yankee Pest Control, we are certified to provide you the highest quality pest management services. Our control plans all come with a one-year warranty. Give us a call today at 781-397-9923 or send us a message online for more information, or to schedule an appointment. Homeowners know they won’t have to deal with even one more bite from a mosquito. Middleton, MA residents can trust our services to keep their homes and yards protected from pests all year long.