Fight Mosquitoes in Needham, MA

Many a summer barbeque has been ruined by a familiar, unwanted guest: the mosquito. Needham, MA residents who want to take their yards back can enlist the services of Yankee Pest Control. We’ve been fighting mosquitoes and other pests since 1990. Call us today to schedule an initial visit. We’ll uncover the best option to rid your yard of those pesky mosquitoes and any other bugs that may be plaguing you.

Over the last 15 years, scientists have discovered mosquitoes can transmit a multitude of infectious diseases. These bugs can infect travelers in other countries who then bring these new diseases back with them. Just last year, the Chickungunya virus was reported natively in the U.S. for the first time. This disease can cause severe flu-like symptoms and has no treatment.

While it was once believed that mosquitoes were attracted to the smell of sweat, scientists have figured out that they are actually attracted to the chemical changes produced by the bacteria in sweat itself. In fact, mosquitoes have such a finely tuned nose, they can “smell” up to 277 attractant chemicals on humans alone. We humans are an enticing meal to a mosquito. Needham homeowners who want to make themselves less attractive to mosquitoes should contact Yankee Pest Control today.

We apply a chemical barrier to your yard that masks those 277 chemicals, making you virtually invisible to mosquitoes. If they can’t see their next meal, they move on. Don’t worry, this chemical is safe for your yard, pets, and family. Once the barrier dries, you can get back outside and resume outdoor activities without fear of being watched by a hungry mosquito. Mosquito pest control has never been easier.

Manage Mosquitoes in Needham with Yankee Pest Control

Yankee Pest Control has been operating in and around Boston for 25 years. We offer all of our pest management plans with a one-year warranty. Homeowners can be confident in their protection. Feel free to call 781-397-9923 or check out our website for more information. We make sure you can enjoy your home and yard the way you should: without the pestilent hum of a mosquito. Needham, MA homeowners should contact us today to get started with a pest prevention plan.