Check out our services for pest control! Danvers MA residents looking for pest management services can find what they’re looking for at Yankee Pest Control. Our family owned company is dedicated to providing results for any pest management problem you may encounter. Whether you’ve got mice at work, a termite problem in a new home or hate mosquitos, we’ve got the tools necessary to get rid of the problem once and for all.

Identifying Bites and Nagging Pests

Bedbug bites usually appear close together in a zigzag pattern and may appear like small red bumps that can be itchy and inflamed. Mosquito bites can range from tiny welts to large itchy red spots. Spider bites may look similar to other bug bites. If you notice any unusual symptoms, seek medical attention immediately. Our services for pest control in Danvers covers bites from these insects along with many others.

When to Reach Out for a Pest Control Service

Any time you notice evidence of an infestation, such as ants marching in a line, wood damage, or spider eggs, it’s a good time to call for professional pest control. Danvers is home to a range of insects and other pests that can carry diseases, and the sooner you can identify the problem, the more quickly it may be resolved.

Consider calling us before parties to treat the yard for mosquitos and ticks or to initiate a maintenance program for the prevention of common household pests. If a new baby is on the way or you’ve just bought a new house, an inspection from our team of trained professionals guarantees peace of mind.

Get More Information for Pest Control

Yankee Pest Control has been in the business since 1990. We know bugs and wild animals. If you’re looking for safe and effective treatments that get the job done, you can rely on our team to provide you with the qualities you need in pest control. Danvers, MA residents can contact us at 781-397-9923 for further information.