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If you’re looking for a pest service in Lowell that will get rid of ants, termites, bed bugs, or any other type of pest, Yankee Pest Control has the responsiveness and solutions you need. Since 1990, our company has specialized in the best eradication and control solutions on the market. Whether you have an ant problem or any other pest difficulties, our team of experts knows how to get to the root of the pest issue and not merely treat the symptoms.

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Year-round protection from year-round pests

Seasons aren’t the only things that change in New England – pests do to! Depending on the season, your home will play host to a variety of pests from ants and crawling insects in spring and summer to wasps in summer into fall, and mice and rats in winter.

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Up in the Attic

Attics are ideal environments for rodents, who damage property by gnawing. Damage to electrical cables through gnawing can lead to fire. Attics are also ideal environments for nesting birds, which can spread disease, mites, and fleas.

Inside Your Home

Like it or not, insects and pests frequently make their way into our houses. Bed bugs, stink bugs, ants, and many more gain entry to our bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms. No room is safe.

In the Basement

No matter if your basement is “finished” or not, every basement is susceptible to pests that flourish in dark, damp areas, including termites, cockroaches, spiders and many more.

Out in the Yard

From mosquitos and ticks to wasps and ants, your yard is teeming with life. While many insects are not harmful – and even beneficial – there are pests that carry disease and need to be gotten rid of.

Have a pest or insect problem?

No matter what’s bugging you, Yankee Pest Control can handle it. From bed bugs to rodents and everything in between, we offer the most knowledgeable technicians using the best tools to get rid of unwanted pests.

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Your business is our business.

We understand the detrimental effects pest control can have on business. That’s why we make it our mission to take care of your business as if it were our own.

What Our Customers Are Saying

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Nick M.

“Can’t say enough good things about Yankee Pest Control.  They came to spray for mosquitos in Danvers and were beyond professional and friendly. They were there on time and made sure they covered the whole yard. Very pleased and will do business again.. highly recommend !!”

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5 Star Rating
Jameson M.

“Yankee Pest Control is as good as it gets. First of their is experience and knowledge is incredible. I know first hand they are above and beyond when it comes to knowing about locating and treating pests and I am in a very related field so I can speak from professional experience. Secondly, the amount of veterans this company employs is a testament to their good nature.”

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5 Star Rating
James B.

“Great family owned business. Very professional staff. The office ladies are awesome to work with. The technicians are friendly and courteous. I would highly recommend using them. I have had great luck. They do not try to upsell you or sell you something you don’t need.”